I was looking forward to swimming with the big sea creatures in the Galapagos. I’ve come all this way without swimming with hammerhead shark (see hammerhead shark) and white-nosed shark (see whitetip shark). On the other hand, one of the things I was most upset about in Galapagos was that the diving was 150 USD per day. I used to dive for the same coin 5-6 times, just like in Koh Tao. As such, I was able to dive one day. Thankfully, on the only day I dived, I was very lucky to swim with both the two shark species I mentioned and the mobula.

We dived in North Seymour. The beginning of the dive was pretty boring. While I was walking on a sandy route for a while, I got very excited when suddenly sharks started to appear. Actually, I think the sharks were excited and just as curious. I didn’t even understand how the time passed when I was talking about exploring. Ah, if possible, learn to dive in South East Asia. Both suitable and the temperature of the water, the richness of the underwater fauna are different there. By the way, the group on the boat was very bad when the prices were like this. Where are the like-minded tourists in Asia, I lamented.

600 USD price if you want to learn diving in Galapagos. I paid 200 USD in Thailand for the same PADI course. Let me also point out this: when the price is like this, equipment etc. Of course they don’t carry anything. Everyone installed their own equipment. I never learned that. After all, it’s my equipment, I have to control it. But this is also included in the service. This was such an experience. My trip to Dublin started a little differently. It’s like a story that tells a little bit about me, Dear Reader.

(Don’t ask how!) I somehow believed that Ireland was in the Schengen area. I was so sure that I didn’t even bristle at any of the signals that came my way. While at the airport, I went straight to the gate where the Schengen planes are. When I scanned the barcode on my boarding pass, I was warned that I was in the wrong place. “There’s construction in Schiphol, it’s out of it.” I said and went upstairs to the gate where the planes flying out of the Schengen area take off. That’s why I didn’t find it strange to have my passport stamped.

The gate where my plane was was where the planes were going to England (very interesting). While the stewardess was looking at my passport, she was trying to print a new boarding pass because they took me to business class, and on the other hand, she was looking for an Irish visa in my passport. My faith is so strong that I asked the woman in a perfectly normal tone that I don’t need a visa in the Schengen area since I have a work permit and why she was looking for a visa in my passport. With this composure and conviction, the hostess must have been convinced that she let me pass. Actually, this was the second signal.

After traveling happily in business class, we arrived in Dublin. “I wonder?” when he saw the passport control. It was my turn to stop looking online. When Pasha gave my passport to the officer in charge, “Isn’t Ireland in the Schengen area?” I asked casually. There was no fear or excitement. This was the third signal for me to remember. Would the grasshopper be able to jump for the third time? I was curious. I had never been in this situation and had no idea what they would do at the border of a visa-free country. If I were in the same situation in America or Germany, I would be Yusuf Yusuf anyway.

The Irish duty police officer gave me permission to enter Ireland by imprinting a warning stamp in my passport, on the condition that I get a visa the next time I enter Ireland. He also very politely asked permission to photocopy my ticket and passport. That’s hospitality! I was a tourist staying for a few days. What was the need to complicate things? A migrant taxi driver I spoke to later also expressed himself that the Irish are helpful and friendly. However, it is a nation that is so close to the sullen British, but opposite in character. I liked it. That’s why Nisantasi in England became Karakoy for me in Ireland 🙂

Later, I entered Northern Ireland illegally to see Dark Hedges, where Game of Thrones was filmed, since I was already in Ireland without a visa. This was also enjoyable, because the smile on my face did not end, my cheeks hurt that much. After this different introduction, my trip to Dublin was quite enjoyable with the good weather. Doors of houses, Trinity College’s library (Jedi Library), pub culture, blooming cherry trees, nature are among the things that stay in my mind. It wasn’t bad either 🙂