Yes, when was the last time you hung a basket from the balcony or witnessed it being dropped? I witnessed this basket hanging event, which I have loved since then, which I witnessed in my childhood, on the streets of Havana. Maybe it’s a small thing, but it took me to my thoughts and memories. When I visited the neighborhood where my grandmother and grandmother lived in Adana during the summer holidays when I was little, I remembered the scenes where street vendors and residents of the neighborhood wanted to buy something from it.

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And in the evening, when the weather got cooler, I bought two chairs and sat on the street with my grandmother, cut striped pajamas for my baby with the girls next to me on the street, sulked at the Eskimos my aunt made in empty tin coke cans so that my cousin could sell her school money, swept in front of the door in the morning cool, which was established on the roof of the house so that flies would not bite our delicate skin. “Life is on the street!” My last summer holidays in Adana, with the motto Adana, came to my mind as I walked the streets of Havana.

Cuba resembles a movie set from ancient times. As if nothing new came to the country after the revolution. Houses, cars, everything is from the 1950s. It’s like I time traveled from 2016 to the 1950s. Since we are a collective consumer, it is very easy for us to simply reach for a paper napkin, use it and throw it away. I realized that this consumption, which seems simple to us, does not exist in Cuba. Instead, cloth napkins that can be washed and reused are common. In fact, when we went out with my mother when I was little, I saw wet soapy cloths that my mother took with her on a bus trip in Cuba years later, since there were no wet wipes.

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There is not even a barcode system in many places in Cuba, as there are very few products in the grocery stores. After seeing these, I thought we were consuming it unnecessarily. It is very easy to realize that souvenirs in Cuba are made from the materials at hand (ceramic, wood, metal, etc.). There are no huge billboards lined up along the road in Cuba, but there is a whole lot of propaganda. The thing that caught my attention the most was the propaganda that showed Chávez as the leader of the pan. There’s even a full-length oil painting of Chávez in a military outfit hangs in Havana’s Hotel Nacional. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chávez is the heir to the Castros.

It was not possible to take my eyes off the well-kept colorful classic cars. It is such a photogenic country that everywhere is a photo frame. In fact, while I was going to sigh at the many houses I passed while walking on the road, I could hardly stop myself, there was no need to be so paparazzi. Cubans as colorful as cars. Even when they don’t sell you anything, they’re dying to talk to you. The limited availability of internet in certain squares makes tourists from different parts of the world a gateway to the world for Cubans.

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Internet is very limited, but it is inevitable to hear Justin Bieber’s songs spread all over the country from USB sticks while walking the streets of Cuba. I also met Cubans who talked about their admiration for Ezel thanks to the Turkish TV series dubbed in Spanish on TV. I came across the Turkish flag left by Turkish tourists at a barbershop, a scarf with Che and BJK at a bar, and a little boy wearing a Turkish flag T-shirt on the streets of Trinidad. The sense of nationalism that increases when we go abroad is interesting. When I said Cubans are colorful, I did not mention the colorful landscape that I encountered as soon as I passed the passport control.

Fishnet stockings are a must for Cuban women wearing formal uniforms. Be it the police or the nurse, wherever there is a “business dress code”, there are black fishnet stockings with intricate patterns. Kind of reflective color from those colorless clothes, right? Before boarding the flight to the Galapagos Islands, the Galapagos entrance fee is paid in two parts: 20 USD at the airport on the mainland, and 100 USD upon arrival in Galapagos. Before giving the luggage to the check-in, the luggage must be sealed by the security guard and the receipt must be shown.

Hotels cost around 25-30 USD including breakfast. Meals are between 7-10 USD. The most expensive thing is the activities. For activities, you should pay at least 100 USD per person per day. There is a street lined with restaurants in Puerto Ayora. It is possible to eat fresh seafood at a very affordable price. I loved it. While I was searching Skyscanner, I did not come across Tame Airlines. Many times cheaper than other existing airlines.

If you are going to take a tour on another island, the tour company must attach a colored label to you before you leave. An unfortunate incident happened to me regarding this. The guy from the tour company turned out to be three paperbacks. The man met me at the port in the morning and put Isabel on the boat to her island. When I arrived at Isabela Island about an hour later, there was no one to greet me. The only option that upset me the most was to be able to return at 3 pm and not be able to do anything else that day.