SAR Value

When we want to buy a smartphone, we usually pay attention to aspects such as features, design and price. However, we unfortunately ignore the possibility that the device may harm human health.

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Of course, when we prefer the products of well-known manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi, there is not much trouble. Because the smartphones of these companies go through certain inspections in terms of health standards before they go on sale.

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One of the factors that harm human health, if it is high in smartphones, is the SAR value. So which devices have higher SAR values ​​than others? We have compiled for you… Smartphones with the highest SAR value

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Absorption Rate – The SAR value, also called the Specific Absorption Rate, means the amount of radiation emitted by smartphones to the human body. This radiation starts to harm the human body after a certain time.

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The SAR value is measured in values ​​per 1 gram of tissue. This measurement, which is expressed in W / Kg measurement unit, is a point that should be paid attention to.

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For this reason, we recommend that you always choose well-known technology companies when purchasing a device. However, sometimes known manufacturers’ devices can also have high SAR values.

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In its latest report, BanklessTimes has compiled the smartphones with the highest SAR values. There is only one model on the list that exceeds the FCC’s maximum limit of 1.6W/Kg. This device is Motorola Edge, which was introduced to users in 2020 with a radiation rate of 1.79W / Kg. The radiation amount of the other models on the list remained below the specified limit.

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For example, when we consider the SAR values ​​of 0.19W / Kg of models such as the Galaxy Note 10+ introduced in 2019, we can say that the figures in the list are still high.

Smartphones with the highest SAR values:
Motorola Edge – 1.79W / Kg

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ZTE Axon 11 5G – 1.59W / Kg
OnePlus 6T – 1.55W / Kg
Sony Xperia XA2 Plus – 1.41W / Kg
Google Pixel 3 XL – 1.39W / Kg
Google Pixel 4a – 1.37W / Kg
OPPO Reno5 5G – 1.37W / Kg
Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact – 1.36W / Kg
Google Pixel 3 – 1.33W / Kg
OnePlus 6 – 1.33W/kG
Harms of high radiation to the body
narrowing of the field of view
Heart ailments v risk of disruption of the pacemaker
Memory impairment and risk of brain tumors
Intense feeling of stress and fatigue
Permanent hearing impairments
Concentration and attention impairment.
Damage to embryo development
Tinnitus and warming in the ears
Increased risk of miscarriage in women
Temporary impairments in hearing
disruption of blood cells
Headaches and dizziness
Disruption of the immune system