The wolf

The wolf, who went out to find something to eat to fill his stomach, was walking silently in the
dark of the night. It was obvious that he was very hungry. From the light of the moon hitting his
body, his bones were almost counted. While moving towards the path; He met a majestic dog whose
hair was well-groomed, which was evident in every way he was well fed. The wolf who envied this

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state of him;How lucky are you! You have people to take care of you and feed you, you have a home
where you sleep safely at night. How satisfied you seem to be.The dog took a pitying glance towards
the wolf and felt sorry for the wolf’s frail condition. “I don’t have any difficulty in finding food where I
live, I have a regular life,” he said. If you want a regular life like me, you can come with me. You can

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eat as much as you want and we’ll share my cabin.The wolf, who welcomed this offer with great joy,
set off with the dog. He would help the dog guard the house at night so that he would have a tidy
place to stay and plenty of food. As they were walking together towards the dog’s house, the wolf
saw a scar in the dog’s shiny coat and asked: What is the scar on his neck? Does it hurt, how did this


happen?The dog replied indifferently: It’s no big deal. “The leash of the chain may have done it, it
doesn’t hurt,” he said.Kurt asked in astonishment, how do you mean you don’t lead a free life?Dog, I
actually only get chained during the day. My owner is tying me up thinking that I am an aggressive
dog and that I will cause harm. At night, I don’t wear my leash, I’m free to go wherever I want. And
this is better for me. Because I am resting and sleeping until the evening and I am getting stronger.
Then I can fill my stomach well and do my night dut better.Everyone in the house loves me very
much. The ittle boy of the house loves to play with me. House maids feed me. Sometimes I eat from
my owner’s plate. Meanwhile, without looking back, he called after the wolf, which was lost in the
dark: Where are you going?Wolf, I’m happy for you by turning into a dog, my captive friend. All the
food, your happy home and those owners who say they love you are yours. I wouldn’t trade my
freedom for any of these things. And he went on his way, saying, “I will not accept to wear that chain
around my neck for whatever reason.” The adventure of Dinosaur Mino, Who Wants to Be Happy,
and his close friend Dino the Dino, who don’t look like him at all, are in Mavisel Yener’s colorful new

book! Mavisel Yener, which children read with great pleasure, tells a story that will encourage
children and fill their hearts with love. Don’t be frowning. One day you will learn to be happy,
remember! A gift can’t be ugly.The help of his friends is unforgettable. Dinosaur Dino, who is always
smiling and happy even at the smallest thing, is in trouble with his best friend Dinosaur Mino! You
ask why? Because Mino the Dinosaur is a sullen dinosaur who doesn’t know how to enjoy life… How
much time can Dinosaur Dino spend with a friend who is always unhappy?You are smaller than some
and bigger than others. But that’s not the point! You are you! Just as you are! Your friends love you
the way you are. What happened to Dinosaur Dino and Mino the Dinosaur begins at the edge of the
stream, where frogs jump, fish swim in cool waters, snails sway on leaves, and birds flutter.
Whatever Dino enjoys, Mino complains about it. Let’s see if the animals in the forest and Ponchik
Hedgehog can turn unhappy Dinosaur Mino’s pessimism into optimism.Dinosaur Mino: You can’t fly,
you can’t catch clouds, you can’t make cotton candy from them. How sad!Hedgehog Ponçik: I can
run, I can climb, I can swim. I’d rather be happy with what I can do than be sorry for what I couldn’t
do.Mavisel Yener, in her book The Dinosaur Who Wants to Be Happy, emphasizes that we should be
proud of our achievements instead of being sad about what we failed to achieve, and that we should
be happy with what we have instead of focusing on what we don’t have. If there are little ones
among us who always want more, are not content with the toys they have and whine because they
can’t buy more toys at every shopping, this book is written for them. acting kids! Mino the Dinosaur
Who Wants to Be Happy learns how to be happy in this story. How Does? Only children who have
read the book know this.


Pixel 6 Pro

Google recently introduced the highly anticipated Tensor processor Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Thus, the company took its place among companies such as Samsung and Apple, which produced their own ARM-based CPU. According to the latest information, the US technology giant is determined to continue the project. Google, which has always cooperated with Qualcomm in the past years, seems to have completely abandoned this partnership. The company, which has already started working on the Pixel 7 family, is developing the processors of the phone, which is planned to be released in 2022.

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Here are the details… The documentation for some apps in Pixel 6 includes references to a phone with the codename Pixel ”Cloudripper”. Rumors suggest that this ‘Cloudripper’ codename is a developer dashboard not just for the Pixel 7, but for all of Google’s future high-end phones. Clouddripper, judging by documents viewed earlier this year, Tensor chips are named GS201 as opposed to the GS101 model. Seems to be related to a new chip with. Google couldn’t go back to Qualcomm after trying Tensor chips. This seems to have pushed the company to continue on its own silicon chips.

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The new chipset will be featured in the Pixel 7, which is scheduled to launch in 2022. The characteristics of the chip are not yet known. But judging by the other Tensor SoCs, it looks like Google will likely upgrade the TPU and adopt Arm’s Armv9 CPUs and Mali G710 GPUs. Is the search giant having an inventory problem?
Recently, Google canceled all pre-orders for the Pixel 6 without a valid explanation. Then the company offered another wait form on its site to inform users about when the Pixel 6 Pro will be released.


This indicates that Google is experiencing some inventory issues. The Pixel 6 Pro page in the Google Store has a banner showing the waiting list. The banner also has a button to join the waiting list and check stock from other retailers. Although the company has inventory problems, it is a fact that there is a lot of demand for the Pixel 6 Pro.

Although Huawei, which was blacklisted by the US in 2019 for its direct connection with the Chinese state, works hard to heal the wounds of the destruction caused by the sanctions, it seems that the troubled days will continue for a while.

In this process, the company faced many problems, such as breaking its agreement with TSMC, for which it produced its own Kirin processor, losing Google support, and perhaps most importantly, the sale of Honor, which has been under its roof for years. Although he could breathe a little easier with the HarmonyOS operating system he launched, he was again on the target board after a new move from the USA. At that time, the Chinese company thought that if Trump could not win the elections, the said sanctions would be lifted. But Joe Biden, who took office earlier this year, took a very similar stance to the former president. In fact, according to the latest information, Biden is making the attitude towards Huawei even more rigid.

Accordingly, the House of Representatives voted on a bill that would prevent blacklisted companies such as Huawei from obtaining new equipment licenses from US regulators. The Safe Equipment Act, seen as his government’s latest move to curb the Chinese company, was approved by a vote of 420-4. The final decision now rests with President Joe Biden. On the other hand, let’s add that the same situation applies to ZTE. Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who made statements on the adoption of the bill, used the following statements:

“Companies run by the Chinese state, such as Huawei and ZTE, that threaten our national security have no place in our telecommunications network.” If the bill is approved by Joe Biden, new equipment licenses will be issued to companies such as Huawei that are on the FCC’s “Equipment Covered or Services List,” the independent government agency that oversees US interstate and international radio, television, wire, satellite and cable communications.

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will be completely blocked.
As it will be remembered, the FCC made a similar move in June. In addition to Huawei, it had decided not to license equipment to many Chinese companies, but this was suspended after the intense reaction from China. In fact, the organization, which allocated a large fund, called for an urgent change to companies using Huawei network equipment in the USA.



Yes, when was the last time you hung a basket from the balcony or witnessed it being dropped? I witnessed this basket hanging event, which I have loved since then, which I witnessed in my childhood, on the streets of Havana. Maybe it’s a small thing, but it took me to my thoughts and memories. When I visited the neighborhood where my grandmother and grandmother lived in Adana during the summer holidays when I was little, I remembered the scenes where street vendors and residents of the neighborhood wanted to buy something from it.

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And in the evening, when the weather got cooler, I bought two chairs and sat on the street with my grandmother, cut striped pajamas for my baby with the girls next to me on the street, sulked at the Eskimos my aunt made in empty tin coke cans so that my cousin could sell her school money, swept in front of the door in the morning cool, which was established on the roof of the house so that flies would not bite our delicate skin. “Life is on the street!” My last summer holidays in Adana, with the motto Adana, came to my mind as I walked the streets of Havana.

Cuba resembles a movie set from ancient times. As if nothing new came to the country after the revolution. Houses, cars, everything is from the 1950s. It’s like I time traveled from 2016 to the 1950s. Since we are a collective consumer, it is very easy for us to simply reach for a paper napkin, use it and throw it away. I realized that this consumption, which seems simple to us, does not exist in Cuba. Instead, cloth napkins that can be washed and reused are common. In fact, when we went out with my mother when I was little, I saw wet soapy cloths that my mother took with her on a bus trip in Cuba years later, since there were no wet wipes.

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There is not even a barcode system in many places in Cuba, as there are very few products in the grocery stores. After seeing these, I thought we were consuming it unnecessarily. It is very easy to realize that souvenirs in Cuba are made from the materials at hand (ceramic, wood, metal, etc.). There are no huge billboards lined up along the road in Cuba, but there is a whole lot of propaganda. The thing that caught my attention the most was the propaganda that showed Chávez as the leader of the pan. There’s even a full-length oil painting of Chávez in a military outfit hangs in Havana’s Hotel Nacional. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chávez is the heir to the Castros.

It was not possible to take my eyes off the well-kept colorful classic cars. It is such a photogenic country that everywhere is a photo frame. In fact, while I was going to sigh at the many houses I passed while walking on the road, I could hardly stop myself, there was no need to be so paparazzi. Cubans as colorful as cars. Even when they don’t sell you anything, they’re dying to talk to you. The limited availability of internet in certain squares makes tourists from different parts of the world a gateway to the world for Cubans.

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Internet is very limited, but it is inevitable to hear Justin Bieber’s songs spread all over the country from USB sticks while walking the streets of Cuba. I also met Cubans who talked about their admiration for Ezel thanks to the Turkish TV series dubbed in Spanish on TV. I came across the Turkish flag left by Turkish tourists at a barbershop, a scarf with Che and BJK at a bar, and a little boy wearing a Turkish flag T-shirt on the streets of Trinidad. The sense of nationalism that increases when we go abroad is interesting. When I said Cubans are colorful, I did not mention the colorful landscape that I encountered as soon as I passed the passport control.

Fishnet stockings are a must for Cuban women wearing formal uniforms. Be it the police or the nurse, wherever there is a “business dress code”, there are black fishnet stockings with intricate patterns. Kind of reflective color from those colorless clothes, right? Before boarding the flight to the Galapagos Islands, the Galapagos entrance fee is paid in two parts: 20 USD at the airport on the mainland, and 100 USD upon arrival in Galapagos. Before giving the luggage to the check-in, the luggage must be sealed by the security guard and the receipt must be shown.

Hotels cost around 25-30 USD including breakfast. Meals are between 7-10 USD. The most expensive thing is the activities. For activities, you should pay at least 100 USD per person per day. There is a street lined with restaurants in Puerto Ayora. It is possible to eat fresh seafood at a very affordable price. I loved it. While I was searching Skyscanner, I did not come across Tame Airlines. Many times cheaper than other existing airlines.

If you are going to take a tour on another island, the tour company must attach a colored label to you before you leave. An unfortunate incident happened to me regarding this. The guy from the tour company turned out to be three paperbacks. The man met me at the port in the morning and put Isabel on the boat to her island. When I arrived at Isabela Island about an hour later, there was no one to greet me. The only option that upset me the most was to be able to return at 3 pm and not be able to do anything else that day.