Kutadgu Bilig

The first and most important work of the Turkish cultural world is undoubtedly Kutadgu Bilig. After the acceptance of Islam by the Turks, there was no such work before it, and there is no other culture and work that has wisdom, deep philosophy and life experience in every line. There is no state or culture in the history of the world that can only rise in one area, and in one area, it becomes the world; let it be accepted by other civilizations. A very important historical example is the Karakhanid State (840-1212).

It is the first Turkish state to officially accept Islam. We see magnificent examples of the first Sufi components of Islam and Turkish culture in Karakhanids. During this period, the Karakhanids, who were engaged in the development movement, turned cities such as Bukhara, Samarkand, Farab, Balasagun, and Tashkent into cultural centers; In these cities, they raised values ​​such as Farabi, İbni Sina, Kaşgarlı Mahmut, Uluğ Bey, Ahmet Yesevi that shed light even today.

It was in such an atmosphere that Yusuf from Balasagun was born in Balasagunda in 1017. As it is understood, he was educated in the fields of Arabic, Persian, Hebrew language and literature, philosophy, history, mathematics, astronomy, medicine, made observations on social and political life and gained experience. He completed his work, which he started to write in Balasagun, in 1070 in Kaşgar and presented it to Tabgaç Uluğ Buğra Karahan, one of the Karahanlı rulers.

Kutadgu Bilig means “knowledge that gives happiness”. In this work, Yusuf Has Hacip expresses from his own point of view what kind of politics statesmen should follow in order for individuals and societies to be happy both in this world and in the hereafter. In this respect, the work, which is a kind of “siyasetname”, is a didactic (educational) work.

The work is based on four concepts, these concepts are animated by four people, and the message to be given is embodied in this way. Explaining the concepts through people reveals the allegorical aspect of the work. Kutadgu Bilig is a poem based on the conversations of these people.

In Cuba, the main options are in the form of cities, beaches and national parks. I don’t prefer to repeat these options as my travel gets longer, so I tried to see the best examples of these options during my 2-week trip and this itinerary came out:

Viñales – This is the most beautiful valley I’ve ever seen. As soon as I landed in Havana by plane, I took my breath in this valley under UNESCO protection. It was nice to ride horseback through the tobacco fields, to walk in the valley, to visit the small caves, to see how the cigars are rolled (Cuban chicks are not wrapped around their legs), to watch the sunset in the valley. One day, I enjoyed the beach at Cayo Jutias. I couldn’t get enough of photographing the white sands and the blue sea among the dead branches. This beach is not very touristic, there is one local restaurant and bar. It was a great surprise to meet my friend from university, Evrim, by chance while walking along the beach. The world is small! You can arrange all activities in the offices opposite the church. sekurigi

Cienfuegos – One of the cities to visit to see the architecture from the glorious period of the colonial period. While visiting the galleries, I added beautiful examples to my #visneonchequeredtiles collection on colorful tiles. I took a break at Cafe Teatro Terry at the corner of the square of the UNESCO-protected Parque Jose Marti. It felt good in the midday heat of my purple-flowered cluster. In the evening, I went to the Andalusian inspired terrace of the Palacio de Valle for a drink. I preferred the Guanaroca Lagoon to see the flamingo, but I was not very successful in the taxi bargain. malla espaldera

The lake is pleasant but not in season for birds, so I saw very few flamingos and they stayed away. The other option is El Nicho waterfall, one day was enough for Cienfuegos as I left my waterfall option to Trinidad. Near the square, Dinos Pizza was a restaurant with a somewhat hidden delicious and convenient menu, which Cubans also go to, I was very satisfied. It is possible to find affordable cheese toast and instant water in El Rapido chains. Eating ice cream with Cubans is fun in Coppelia.

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I went here for swimming, snorkeling and possibly diving in the beautiful waters of Playa Larga – Bay of Pigs. I would like to go here again for the sake of the beauty of Punta Perdiz and Cueva de los Peces. Cueva de los Pesces is a small lake where fresh and salt water mix and it is possible to watch the fish in it from the outside. It reminded me of a large aquarium. I snorkeled with the reflections of the sun’s rays, the lightness of the fresh water, the blue of the lake, it was magical. I brought my own equipment, snorkeling sets are sold at Decathlon for 7-8 Euros, I did not pay rent for nothing. In Punta Perdiz, the fish greeted me as soon as I stepped in.